Calgary Creative Arts Guild (CCAG) offers a great place to meet with other artists, improve your skills and expand your artistic horizons.

We provde the opportunity for like minded individuals to share ideas and experiences! Our many volunteer opportunities teach developing artists about strategies for displaying their work, how to price their art and the in-and-outs of marketing to a larger audience.

A Place to Hone Your Artistic Skills

Our goal is to provide a supportive peer environment where members can pursue their own artistic development. We provide many educational opportunities throughout the year to help your professional development as an artist: networking opportunities, speaker presentations and individual critiques.

When artists gather, it fosters a love of art. It can also be the best way to find out about the vibrant arts community in and around Calgary. Plus, our members know the best art buzz: like where to get the good deals on art supplies or painting books!

Get Involved!

Each year, the CCAG members host two shows: Spring and Fall. Here, their artwork is exhibited and offered for sale. Members wishing to show their work must take an active role in preparing for the exhibit. Volunteering is key to the success of the shows and helps our organization thrive.

As we are a non-profit organization, members pay $55 per year — a small price for the benefit of expanding your network and having a venue to exhibit your work. A small commission on pieces sold goes back to the CCAG.

How Do I Join?

To join, call or email the membership contact listed below. We’ll ask you to attend a meeting and make a presentation about the unique skills you would bring to the CCAG. You’ll be asked to bring a sampling of your work to share with our members.

There are monthly meetings, and members are required to attend at least half of them.

Members may join the CCAG in late September or February each year. New members must assume some responsibilities connected with the show in order to be eligible to exhibit their work.


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